Welcome to Just Discipleship

Welcome to the JustDiscipleship Blog! 

If you are here on our site for the first time, you are probably wondering, what is it exactly that we do? 

Basically, we are just here to help. Our goal with this ministry is to help equip parents and ministry leaders to create lifelong followers of Jesus. Our mission is to partner with parents to raise children who love The Lord with all their hearts.

Currently, JustDiscipleship offers ministry consulting and a resource blog, though many other exciting avenues of discipleship growth are coming down the road; including workbooks designed for parents and children to lay the foundation for the key elements of our faith.

If you are facing a situation in your church or ministry and have found yourself stuck, we would love to help. Whether it be a phone call, zoom meeting, or even an in-person visit, let us help tackle this situation to help find and create solutions.

If you are looking for resources to help bring the conversation of discipleship into your homes, check out the coming posts on this blog! We will be regularly posting articles and resources for your family and ministry.

With over 30 years of combined family discipleship experience, we are ready and equipped to properly assist you as you seek to help your children find and follow Jesus. We ask that you please pray with us as we seek The Lord’s guidance in this endeavor.