Our Consulting Services

Have you ever felt stuck, desired a fresh set of eyes to take a look, wanted someone to give insight, or even just needed a kick in the right direction? Welcome to the club!
With over 27 years of ministry experience in children’s and family ministry, the team at Just Discipleship will help you build your ministry and encourage the families who are involved.

We have experience in leading and building the children’s and family ministry in some of the fastest growing churches in the country. From giving leaders a fresh look on building the ministry; facing barriers and challenges to the overwhelming questions you face, we are to help.

We have fought to find volunteers, faced security issues, beaten the growing pains of a flourishing ministry, and lost staff due to moral failure, financial fraud, or burnout. Even in it's best days, ministry is hard.

We would love to come alongside you in leading the ministry God has called you to serve faithfully. Whether you have been in ministry for 25 weeks or 25 years, with 5 children or 500, we know what it takes to bring you to the next level and it's Just Discipleship.

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Just Discipleship     |     EMAIL US